Learn more about your Tweeps (aka your Twitter followers)

myTweeps helps you to get to know your Twitter followers. It's like a "reverse" Twitter; instead of seeing tweets and stats about people you follow, myTweeps shows you tweets and stats about people who follow you. You can use the information from your myTweeps Community Dashboard to create and share more relevant content with your followers.

myTweeps lets you:

  • Know what your followers are interested in on an hourly and weekly basis
  • Know who among your followers are interacting with each other
  • Share more relevant and timely content and join ongoing conversation

  • Additional features:

  • Flag potential bots, spammers and inactive accounts (giving you an option to unfollow and/or block them)
  • Auto-tweet/share the hashtags that are trending within your Twitter community
  • How to use it:

    You'll need at least 100 followers to use myTweeps

    1. Sign in with Twitter
    2. myTweeps will create a personalized Community Dashboard for you
    3. Start using your myTweeps Community Dashboard to get to know your Twitter community and become a better influencer!

    Developed by:

    Social Media Lab


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    Sylvia Link MC APR


    • 12269
    • 1304
    • 1639
    • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    • Apr 2009

    Sylvia Link MC APR

    Director of marketing and communications at @rto_ero, @IABCCanada Master Communicator, APR, ABC, writer, book lover, curious by default

    #internationaldayofhappiness is trending

    Anatoliy Gruzd


    • 5973
    • 3059
    • 803
    • Toronto, Canada
    • Oct 2009

    Anatoliy Gruzd

    Canada Research Chair | Associate Professor - Ted Rogers School of Management @RyersonU | Director of Research - Social Media Lab @SMLabTO | SocialMediaLab.ca

    #ai is trending

    Social Media Lab


    • 3753
    • 2294
    • 470
    • Toronto, Canada
    • Sep 2010

    Social Media Lab

    Social Media Lab is an interdisciplinary research laboratory @TRSMRyersonU @RyersonU Co-Directors: @gruzd & @phmai Tweet re: social media research & news.

    #facebook is trending

    AARP Research


    • 5048
    • 19597
    • 275
    • Washington, DC
    • Jun 2011

    AARP Research

    The research group for AARP. Lovers of insights, marketplace trends, and delicious pie charts. Contact us at AARPresearch@aarp.org

    #cambridgeanalytica is trending

    Philip Mai


    • 25353
    • 2169
    • 1056
    • Toronto, Canada
    • Oct 2011

    Philip Mai

    Director of Business & Communications @SMLabTO SocialMediaLab.ca | Academic Comms. Manager @RyersonU | Information doesn't put itself into practice. Views mine.

    #ai is trending


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