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#ISSRM2017 banter #MarchforScience


5 days ago

RT @BioSRP: #Monsanto Spin Doctors Target Cancer Scientist in Flawed Reuters Story. #marchforscience #glyphosateisvital https://t.co/CB1Ok7…


of Bioscience Resource 5 days ago

RT @2Scis: Last but definitely not least. In Pt III of the #marchforscience set @carnegiescience, @ayanaeliza is: The Advocate https://t.co…


of 2Scientists 6 days ago

RT @teon_io: #RainbowRollCall Happy #Pride2017 I'm a black, gay, cognitive + data scientist who also works in #scipolicy #MarchforScience #…


of Teon L Brooks, PhD 7 days ago