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RT @ananavarro: Trump making #Charlottesville all about him. Not hateful White Supremacists. Not Heather Heyer. Disgusting narcissism in mi…


of Ana Navarro about 4 hours ago

RT @TBOcom: "Why would they want something like Hitler and the swastika idea?" #Charlottesville…


of 8 days ago

RT @HRReporter: HR can never look on and do nothing when it comes to racism, hate #HR #Charlottesville https://t.c…


of Canadian HR Reporter 1 day ago

Both #Bush presidents just spoke out on #Charlottesville — and sound nothing like #Trump…


3 days ago

RT @itsmikebivins: #Charlottesville solidarity protest now marching in downtown Portland. #Cville…


of Mike Bivins 3 days ago

Mother of #Charlottesville Victim Heather Heyer Says She Won't Meet President #Trump…


4 days ago

‘Very threatening’: Mother of #Charlottesville suspect James A. Fields called 911 twice…


8 days ago

RT @charlesadler: #Trump still hasn't found any "fine people" who rallied in #Charlottesville If they exist wouldn't he want to host them @…


of Charles Adler 7 days ago

RT @SenToniAtkins: Proud to join colleagues from across SD County today in condemning white supremacy and antisemitism. #Charlottesville #W…


of Senator Toni Atkins 7 days ago