Daniel Gayo-Avello

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  • Oviedo, Spain

Associate professor at @uniovi_info. Interested in social media mining and politics & social media.

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Big Data & Society


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  • Jul 2013

Open access peer-reviewed journal connecting debates on emerging Big Data practices & how they reconfigure academic, social, industry, & government relations.



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  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Nov 2012

http://t.co/rKz3F3KC7k plays the best in independent country artists,playing the best country music, you've never heard

Leah Vasquez


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  • 1922
  • Lower Hutt City, New Zealand
  • Jun 2009

Airbnb host at Lower Hutt New Zealand

Jacob Groshek, PhD


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  • Boston, MA
  • Jun 2009

Associate Professor of Emerging Media & Data Science at BU | Speaker | Consultant | Workshop Director | https://t.co/Qh2Tv7ixAX

Jay Oatway


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  • Hong Kong
  • Jan 2007

Writer of speculative fiction, futurism, and tech-related social trends. Avid CrossFitter.

Gilad Lotan


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  • NYC
  • Apr 2007

Data Science @buzzfeed

Analytics Training


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  • All Over The World!!
  • Oct 2009

data enthusiasts, tech nerds and analytics evangelists- we see numbers in everything!

Nathan Benaich


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  • London and San Francisco
  • Nov 2011

Investor + technologist. All things #AI + emerging tech. Former scientist, photographer, perpetual foodie. AI Newsletter https://t.co/1fhAznBL5y + @LDN_AI

Ron Heinlein


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  • Alta Loma
  • Mar 2014

Do your Feet Hurt or Always Tired? Greatest product on earth with 7E.9E,10E,14E widths. Our service is out of this world and we've love to talk to you NO CHARGE



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  • London, England
  • Oct 2010

The #LSE Department of Media and Communications. World-leading research https://t.co/RIv2aQbiG8 and teaching excellence https://t.co/B4GDpLX8H0.



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  • Washington, DC
  • Dec 2008

-Associate Prof, George Washington University -Author of two books: The MoveOn Effect and Analytic Activism

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Me está molando bastante @vuejs, ya lo tengo funcionando con vuex, vue-router, webpack y SSR. Triple mortal con tirabuzón.


2 minutes ago

Q4: What tools have NOT worked as you attempt to maintain work/life balance? #MPSAchat #PSBeWell


3 minutes ago

Q3: Early career: How do/did you manage stress of a new job and personal life when relocating? #MPSAchat #PSBeWell


11 minutes ago

RT @LElliottDorans: Happening now: @MPSAnet hosting Twitter chat on mental health in political science. Follow along with #PSBeWell!


of LElliottDorans 16 minutes ago

Q2: What tools or routines work best for you when you are feeling over worked or stressed? #MPSAchat #PSBeWell


18 minutes ago

John Londregan expone sobre Voting Theory & Bayesian Learning #dccs


4 minutes ago

How To Use The New Firefox Screenshot Tool buff.ly/2g2i1j1


4 minutes ago

El resumen de mi día hasta el momento


14 minutes ago

Top 3 Signs People Are Falling Out Of Love ift.tt/2wBEc5B #psychology


5 minutes ago

How can you develop creativity? psy-ed.com/wpblog/how-to-… #creativity #parenting


6 minutes ago

RT @desconcentrado: How to Use SQL to Identify Palindromic Substrings and Profit @nickm blog.jooq.org/2017/08/22/fin…


of ןןoɔsıɹp uıʌǝʞ 6 minutes ago

RT @chrischile: @Censelio @eldesconcierto Voila!


of ChrisChile 6 minutes ago

RT @Palasrrisas: -Le llamo para concertar una entrevista para trabajar en SEUR.
-Fui ayer y no había nadie.
-Puto amo.


of BING 14 minutes ago

. @actualidadpanam twitter.com/RevistaSemana/…


15 minutes ago

RT @rubenuria: FC Barcelona traslada a RFEF demanda interpuesta contra Neymar (11 agosto) por incumplimiento contrato. Pide 8.5 M€ por daño…


of Rubén Uría 17 minutes ago

RT @el_pais: Una mujer contrajo cáncer de ovarios tras usar Johnson & Johnson durante años. Hay casi 5.000 demandas ow.ly/1o2O30eA9mB


of EL PAÍS 18 minutes ago

RT @publico_es: Johnson & Johnson deberá pagar 417 millones de dólares por no advertir del riesgo de cáncer en sus productos


of Público 18 minutes ago

RT @bbcmundo: Condenan a Johnson & Johnson a pagar US$417 millones a mujer que desarrolló cáncer tras usar sus productos de talco https://t…


of BBC Mundo 18 minutes ago

RT @lorearraiz: Migración Colombia informó que hoy salió rumbo a Brasil, la Fiscal General de Venezuela, Luisa Ortega Díaz


of Lorena Evelyn Arráiz 19 minutes ago

RT @Arturo_Calle: Comunicado oficial ARTURO CALLE, respecto a la información divulgada en varios medios de comunicación. https://t.co/dI8xV…


of ARTURO CALLE 21 minutes ago

RT @ginachef: Arturo Calle despidió esos 400 trabajadores hace años, cuando decidió fabricar en países sin normas laborales, por ser más re…


of Gina Montealegre 21 minutes ago

RT @JocelynSquires: @JohnHolbein1 @deaneckles @soodoku @morungos @erikvestin @strategicGFH The best art, literature, theatre shows us the e…


of Jocelyn Squires 18 minutes ago

RT @bylisagold: Quote Investigator @QuoteResearch has debunked many Dorothy Parker quotes (scroll back through the older posts too): https:…


of Lisa Gold 18 minutes ago

Herzlich Willkommen! Twitteraccount für eine Umfrage des Instituts für Sportwissenschaften der WWU Münster: bit.ly/2i9H97Q


21 minutes ago

Helfen Sie uns! #sge #bvb #effzeh #miasanmia #s04 #h96 #tsg #scf #werder #nurderhsv #wob #vfb #mainz05 #fcatwitter.com/i/web/status/9…


23 minutes ago

Machen Sie mit und gewinnen Sie einen Amazon-Gutschein! Dauert nur 10 Min. #sge #bvb #effzeh #miasanmia #s04 #h96twitter.com/i/web/status/9…


24 minutes ago

Machen Sie mit und gewinnen Sie einen Amazon-Gutschein! Nur 10 Min. #nurderhsv #wob #vfb #mainz05 #fca #bayer04twitter.com/i/web/status/9…


24 minutes ago

The Benefits of Playing Music Help Your Brain More Than Any Other Activity inc.com/john-rampton/t…


22 minutes ago

"A system that takes action that can be clearly attributed to gender bias cannot effectively function with people" wired.com/story/machines…


22 minutes ago

RT @taniajouny: cuando empiezas a sentir algo por alguien twitter.com/rociolorenzo99…


of Tania 25 minutes ago