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Social Media Lab is an interdisciplinary research laboratory @TRSMRyersonU @RyersonU Tweet re: social media research & news.

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Haruna Isah


  • 740
  • 397
  • 1556
  • Kingston, Ontario
  • Aug 2011

Research Engineer in Big Data, Machine Learning, and Streaming Analytics



  • 5071
  • 775
  • 1761
  • Sep 2012

Onderzoekster van leeromgevingen en leerprocessen (volg ook @frprinsen) retweets niet per definitie mijn visie



  • 231
  • 109
  • 915
  • Bandung, West Java
  • Sep 2015

Presented by : Julius Sutrisno Hp : 081214635025 - 085707718699.

Gibcom Consultancy Ltd


  • 519
  • 909
  • 4863
  • United Kingdom
  • Aug 2016

This user hasn't set a description



  • 32
  • 271
  • 2952
  • Aug 2017

Lists for Life #list



  • 2655
  • 176
  • 192
  • Sep 2017

Gentileza gera gentileza.❤❤

Digital Entertainment


  • 1049
  • 3742
  • 836
  • Cannes, Frankreich
  • Nov 2017

Digital media has a significant, wide-ranging and complex impact on society and culture.

Rayan Technologies


  • 20
  • 137
  • 636
  • Richmond Hill, Ontario
  • Dec 2017

IT Services | Cloud Hosting | Security & Protection | Need help? Call us! 1-647-749-9999

UQTR lockout information in English


  • 45
  • 22
  • 509
  • Trois-Rivières, Québec
  • May 2018

Professors at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières are in lockout since 2nd May

Critical Cultural Studies in Education


  • 21
  • 107
  • 792
  • Norwich
  • May 2018

Critical Cultural Studies in Education is based @UeaEDU. We bring interdisciplinary & exploratory approaches to contemporary issues for education & young people

Fabio Monteiro


  • 1126
  • 571
  • 3661
  • São Paulo, Brasil
  • May 2008

Planner, em vários planos. De olho em cultura, tecnologia, comportamento, mercado, mídia e marketing digital. Notas/RTs

Charles Brisebois


  • 1251
  • 852
  • 4414
  • Ottawa of course
  • Jun 2008

Questioning the status quo, generating leads. Enabling digital at Global Affairs Canada. Tweets are personal. RTs imply nothing. QTs imply everything.

Tina Sikka


  • 3757
  • 805
  • 4984
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
  • Jun 2008

Newcastle University Lecturer (Media/Culture). Writer. Researcher of phil of tech, gender, climate change, health and food culture. News and Fiction junkie.



  • 9070
  • 556
  • 3061
  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • Jul 2008

A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.

Joseph Berg


  • 3809
  • 756
  • 4364
  • PTSD is Real.
  • Jan 2009

Family First. People-Politics...MEDIA-MUSIC-ART-SPORTS...and Smile.



  • 2652
  • 524
  • 4640
  • India
  • Mar 2009

#MOOC's || #BigData || #DataScience|| #Economics || #Maths || #History || #Business || #rstats|

Joelle Lewis


  • 419
  • 315
  • 1650
  • Huron, Ontario
  • Mar 2009

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada

Maryam Mehrazar


  • 22
  • 17
  • 100
  • Jun 2009

This user hasn't set a description

Brádaigh Ó Cnoic


  • 919
  • 115
  • 744
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Jun 2009

researcher on ICTs and social movements with some disinformation thrown in for good measure. Homebrewer. Human.

Conrado M. Pelá


  • 134
  • 81
  • 429
  • Aug 2009

Mundo, mundo, mundo errado. Se eu me chamasse Conrado, isso seria uma rima e não uma solução. Anderson, O Poeta.

Manuel Rodríguez


  • 729
  • 636
  • 3351
  • Madrid
  • Nov 2009

Web Analyst | Análisis - Reflexión - Acción.

Tyler Golson


  • 274
  • 40
  • 282
  • Feb 2010

Using the latest technology to develop tools to allow businesses to connect to global solutions.

Sophie Couture


  • 34
  • 89
  • 763
  • Ville-Marie, Montréal
  • Nov 2010

Directeur associé, Numérique @ccaexpress @ccawire / Par le passé: @phicentre et @dhcart #digital #numerique #artcontemporain #culture #architecture #montreal

Osman Köroğlu, PhD.


  • 9883
  • 696
  • 4415
  • World
  • Jan 2011

#Sabbatical▲#AssociateProfessor #Reader #Communication #Media #New #Digital #Emerging #Sociology #Fact #Truth ▲[re]tweet=inform,≠endorse

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RT @kylegriffin1: Trump is asked about Hezbollah sanctions. His response is interesting. (via @MSNBC)


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RT @ELIORG: In case you missed our updated e-book with @ABA_CRSJ, Environmental Protection in the Trump Era, read it now for free: https://…


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RT @DavidCayJ: Jay, in news we talk to all sorts of people. Your tweet reminds me of the boss who killed my scoop about Patty Hearst’s pard…


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RT @StopCorpAbuse: Paid actors faked public support for a power plant in New Orleans… via @grist


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RT @YesMomsCan: If I am Rod and Chris Wray, I will be telling my security details (USMS & FBI) to take notes of anything they see or hear.…


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RT @LaJobConnection: If you have a small business in Louisiana you can get connected to big projects with @LABizConnection . Learn more abo…


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RT @BuzzFeedNews: Lithuania’s foreign minister says holding the World Cup in Russia is a "stupid idea"…


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$CXBS Bioscience Inc. Announces Its Strategic Entry into California, One of the World’s Largest Legal Cannabis Mar……


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Quadron Cannatech Up Revenue #cannabis #potstocks #weed #wsj #nytimes #reuters…


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RT @idil_osman: This Wed 23 May @SOAS khalili lecture theatre 19.00 join me, @VanessaBerhe @tauhidpasha of @IOM_UK & filmmaker Steve Taylor…


of idil osman 6 minutes ago

RT @roguecedro: “The beautiful thing is not to remain indifferent to others’ suffering. It is human work, and one discovers himself through…


of Leanne Tory-Murphy 7 minutes ago

RT @brainpicker: “Resign yourself to the lifelong sadness that comes from never ­being satisfied.”

Zadie Smith's 10 rules of writing (whic…


of Maria Popova 8 minutes ago

RT @RachelRizzo: #Pompeo's speech today made me think of this excellent 2015 @stephenWalt piece. "Even a country as powerful and secure as…


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RT @marklittlenews: "If news is almost dead, how can journalism  (and democracy)  survive? ... powerful stuff. So great to see journalism b…


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RT @J_Cell_Sci: Did you see the beautiful image of a region of the cochlear epithelium on our current cover? See also the article by Abitbo…


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RT @Rotary: Meet Dr. Mathew Varghese. He runs the only polio ward in India, where he treats patients so that they can walk on their own two…


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RT @Quramo_Limited: Good news!! The deadline for submissions of manuscripts for the 2018 edition of the Quramo Writers' Prize has been exte…


of Quramo Publishing 15 minutes ago

RT @fortechorus: And that’s a wrap on #Unison2018!
Thanks to the city of Calgary, the organizers and all our fellow LGBTQ2 choirs for makin…


of Forte 15 minutes ago

The closing performance of @UnisonUnisson by the Festival Chorus: I Will Survive/Survivor✊🏽 #unison2018. What a thr……


17 minutes ago

Northouse’s Leadership 8e has landed & we want to know, where do you take your leadership book? Show us by posting……


16 minutes ago

RT @alicelthwaite: Every year @oiioxford puts on a conference related to tech. This year @nahema_marchal and @monaelswah coordinated one on…


of Alice Thwaite 17 minutes ago

RT @Ukropo4kA: 7 Dutch companies helped Russia to build the Kerch bridge.
Dutch prosecutors have launched an investigation.
Violation of sa…


of Viktoria 21 minutes ago

RT @cepa: .@EdwardLucas re-examines Europe's wave of populism. #EuropesEdge


of CEPA 24 minutes ago

RT @lepublikateur: Enjoying amazing cakes at @UCLpress for the amazing 1.000.000+ open access downloads! #openaccess #openscience #oa https…


of Marcel Knöchelmann 27 minutes ago

Eu só peço duas coisas pras pessoas como sinal de respeito, o resto está total liberado: escrever Moysés com Y e nã……


27 minutes ago