Thomas Faith

  • 1922
  • 299
  • Washington, DC

Historian at @HistoryAtState, editor at @SHFGHistorians, and author of Behind the Gas Mask: Views here are my own.

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Sara Berndt


  • 407
  • 200
  • 1058
  • Aug 2008

#altac historian. Pie, dogs, knitting, Cuba, religion, politics, baseball. Midwesterner exiled in DC. Views here=mine.

Sgt. Grumbles


  • 28
  • 21
  • 164
  • The Woods
  • Jan 2009

Retweet does not equal endorsement. Nothing here is an endorsement of anything. I hate endorsements! All bears do!

Tommye Grant


  • 5492
  • 72
  • 675
  • probably in Techno world
  • May 2009

If you are here, you know me but here's a hint: in Techno world, helping where I can be of service!

Philip Gibbon


  • 1721
  • 276
  • 1452
  • Bala Cynwyd, PA
  • Jun 2009

Adj Prof of Hist at PhilaU. US in the World, Global Cold War, IR, Human Rights. Opinions mine alone.

Lady Mormont wannabe


  • 296
  • 187
  • 1224
  • DC
  • Oct 2009

historian, lover of all things Georgia Football, my pups, gardening, wine & cheese, and an obsessive knitter. (tweets are my own)

Forrest Barnum


  • 9709
  • 317
  • 2240
  • Feb 2010

True story: only @AKimCampbell and I can bring sunlight to Signal Hill on Canada Day. Clearly we are of one essence. #twitterstorian

Julia Sammin


  • 3707
  • 17
  • 90
  • Jun 2011

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Jay Battestelli


  • 6821
  • 144
  • 801
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Jun 2012

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Marilyn Kingsman


  • 34
  • 4
  • 253
  • Jul 2012

hеllо =) I'm loоking for a mаn. Find mе, сhеck

maina david


  • 40
  • 57
  • 491
  • lekki lagos nigeria
  • Dec 2012

With God ALL things are possible

Sinay John


  • 10
  • 8
  • 289
  • Cebu City, Central Visayas
  • May 2013

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  • 361
  • 25
  • 502
  • Jun 2013

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Miles Culpepper


  • 332
  • 29
  • 243
  • Jul 2013

Bay Area based graduate student, history dweeb, and news junkie. Bad at tweeting.

Julie Faith


  • 7
  • 18
  • 115
  • DC
  • Sep 2013

Wife, Mom, Tall, Amateur Photographer, Art and History Lover

Paul Allopenna


  • 513
  • 40
  • 257
  • Oct 2013

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  • 195
  • 149
  • 1022
  • Nov 2013

History is not only what connects us to the past, it is also what connects us to each other - Please help this cause by visiting our campaign page:

Jessica Heyman


  • 122
  • 40
  • 213
  • Oct 2014

An IB Educator and MYP coordinator developing caring and responsible global citizens while cultivating a lifelong love of learning.



  • 83
  • 89
  • 884
  • Ukraine
  • Nov 2014

Hi :) I аm frее, hоt аnd орen mind! Write me, dont be shy ❤❤❤

Moshe Terdiman


  • 26
  • 193
  • 1962
  • ישראל
  • May 2015

Expert on Islam in Africa, radical Islam, environmental issues in the Arab and Muslim world, Islam and the environment, Islam in the Caribbean Basin.

Medical antiques


  • 41
  • 660
  • 4296
  • Ireland
  • Jan 2016

Medical antiques site shows Medical, Pharmacy / Apothecary and Dental antiques some for sale and available to rent to the Film Industry / Interior Designers.

Lena Sanjuan


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  • 438
  • 2795
  • Feb 2016

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Mehdi Madani


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  • 641
  • Apr 2016

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Rick & Morty Reacts


  • 21
  • 206
  • 4029
  • Sep 2016

Please Follow, Retweet and Like! DM us your favourite Rick and Morty moments!

Honor Guards Day


  • 460
  • 395
  • 3340
  • Florida, USA
  • Jan 2017

#HonorGuardsDay honors the sacrifices made by those who wear the uniforms: planning the service of our fallen, marching and presenting the colors with honor, ..

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RT @washpostbiz: Scaramucci once called climate change denial ‘disheartening.’ Then he took a job with Trump


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RT @JoyAnnReid: Watch for Trump sycophants in the GOP calling for Sessions to resign. That would be a sign pointing to yes.


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RT @nmehranfar91: It's called the #minneapolisshooting when Muslim cop guns down a white woman. Shooting a 10 y/o black kid at a park is ca…


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RT @GeorgeTakei: We need the voices of the American people speaking out as well.


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RT @DeviousPrez: Not a single person, Democrat or Republican, will be on the wrong side of history by actively speaking out against our Mad…


of Devious Prez 8 minutes ago

RT @kylegriffin1: WaPo confirms: Natalia Veselnitskaya once represented a military unit founded by Russia’s top spy agency.…


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RT @MeetThePress: "I think the Scaramucci 'All you need is love' approach is not what this president needs" - @RuthMarcus


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RT @tcmassie: .@ChuckGrassley cancels Manafort & Trump, Jr. public testimony. IA must be so proud of their coward senator who puts politics…


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RT @docrocktex26: No amount of MSM handwringing abt Trump's frantically guilty behavior will stop him from putting his fake self esteem abo…


of Propane Jane™ 10 minutes ago

RT @AmandiOnAir: Every city should PRE-DESIGNATE a central gathering point NOW so all protesters know EXACTLY where to go ASAP in case Muel…


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RT @waltshaub: In case WH Counsel forgets to remind u, be sure to file your termination financial disclosure report on ur last day https://…


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11 minutes ago

RT @RBReich: Seven years ago today President Obama signed Dodd-Frank to protect against another financial crisis. Now, Republicans want to…


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RT @GlennThrush: Scaramucci thinks the "White House is on track" -- key is to let Trump be himself and break the shackles of restraint that…


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RT @ScottB_503: @kylegriffin1 Well, they did successfully manufacture an implosion.


of Beef Unwellington 14 minutes ago

RT @yashar: New White House comms chief caught on Russian TV saying he wants to lift US sanctions…


of Yashar Ali 14 minutes ago

RT @ananavarro: Made in America Week: Sessions emasculated; Trump tells Mueller to lay off his finances; Spicer out; Kushner amends disclos…


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RT @DabAggin: @kylegriffin1 When you hear Sean Spicer stole a f*cking mini fridge under the cover of darkness.


of Dab Aggin 15 minutes ago

RT @jerweber: Douchener omitted his deals with George Soros and 25 million dollar art collection. "He's just like us".…


of BONGER 15 minutes ago

RT @LaceyFireDist3: @DrEricGrabowsky B-safe Doc; glad to have you!


of Lacey Fire 5 minutes ago

Success (I think)! I am upgraded.


15 minutes ago

Same. It's card board. 🍦…


16 minutes ago

RT @ArlingtonNatl: #USSArizona survivors honored our nation's fallen today by laying a wreath at the #TomboftheUnknownSoldier. #HonorThem h…


of Arlington Cemetery 17 minutes ago