Peter Timusk

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  • Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Statistics Erdos num=5, SAS coder, musician, elder volunteer (Star Walker), legal studies, computer ethics. Esto-Canadian. I own twitter stock.

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Ivor Moan


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  • Heidelberg, Germany
  • Aug 2014

#SAS #Data Management. Data should be treated like a superhero and its secret identity must be protected. The opinions shared here are my own.

Kim Allen


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  • Ottawa, ON, Canada
  • Oct 2012

CEO Allenvision Inc. Inspiring leaders to achieve strategies for success | | #STEM | #FinTech | #engineering |@allenvisioninc

Ann Fuller


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  • Ottawa
  • Sep 2008

Proud to be @CMHC_ca's VP of Public Affairs. Proud Ottawan & Nepeanite. Tweets on social media, tech, health & housing. @CHEOhospital champion. #SDOH #hcsmca

David Smith


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  • Marlow, UK
  • Jan 2014

Influencer Relations Manager, SAS UK & Ireland. Interested in all things #analytics, #BigData & #IoT. All opinions are my own.

Big Data & Society


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  • Jul 2013

Open access peer-reviewed journal connecting debates on emerging Big Data practices & how they reconfigure academic, social, industry, & government relations.

Jerry Dias


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  • Canada
  • Aug 2013

@UnifortheUnion National President, advocate for working people, committed to social & economic justice. #canlab #unifor

Jacques Loveall


  • 1983
  • 93020
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  • California, USA
  • Jul 2009

President of @UFCW8 Golden State- #1u #Loveall Foundation #California Labor Fed VP. #UFCW TRUST Chairman #F4F #FightFor15



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  • Tallinn
  • Sep 2013

A Hungarian living in Estonia

Lonny Dunn


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  • #DMV 3 Million Connections
  • Sep 2009

Founder Social N Worldwide ~ Micro Local Micro Niche Mkts Plant & Sow Non Profit Speical

Senate of Canada


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  • Ottawa, Canada
  • Sep 2011

Keeping up with Canada’s Upper Chamber. Important notices: En français: @SenatCA

marnie davey


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  • Asia Pacific - based in Sydney
  • Feb 2008

regional marketing manager - digital @SASAsiaPacific | #socialselling #digitalmarketing #employeeadvoacy | love running cycling swimming (opinions my own)

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Drupal #accessibility talk is tomorrow (Aug 23) staring @DamienMcKenna on contributing to Drupal #a11y issues.


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RT @MartianWebDev: This month's online Drupal accessibility talk is on Aug 23 - @DamienMcKenna on contributing to Drupal #a11y issues. http…


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Caution About Investing In A Popular Type Of ETF via @forbes…


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Finally! A TV home for @TheNormanLear retirement home show, ‘Guess Who Died’… via @deadline


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RT @knightfdn: Find out more on how we’re exploring new ways tech can connect people to art: #musetech #knightarts


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RT @Scharg: This is the point behind the Illinois Geolocation Protection Act (HB 3449). #twill #privacy…


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RT @daphnehk: YouTube accidentally takes down anti-Nazi WWII footage. One tech expert says we are "at least a decade" from AI getting this…


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"#AI and #MachineLearning: The #Privacy Challenge":… Suggestions of additions? #ethics #law #tech cc @ShannonVallor


10 minutes ago

Bass Bench: The Evolution of Bass Versus Guitar…


5 minutes ago

RT @ariellec: @MikeLingo Yeah I thought though that it was always their excuse - like it was essentially a fancier Wordpress. But I'm not i…


of Arielle Castillo 5 minutes ago

RT @Andy__Buck: Isn't basic Wordpress free?…


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RT @thepariswife: Instant Download #LogoDesign #Wordpress #Website Header #boutique #Branding #restaurant #photography #ecommerce https://t…


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RT @conrradobi: Get SEO done on your #Wordpress Website


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RT @katewei: Premade #LogoDesign SALE #Wordpress #Website Header #boutique #Branding #restaurant #photography #ecommerce…


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RT @waub: University of Ottawa law school gets Indigenous elder in residence


of Waubgeshig Rice 6 minutes ago

RT @CHRA_ACHRU: Registration for Housing on the Hill on Oct. 17 is now open! Join CHRA and @CAEHomelessness for this important day. https:/…


of CHRA-ACHRU 11 minutes ago

RT @JimMarous: Gartner's New Hype Cycle Adds #5G And #DeepLearning

#AI #IoT #MachineLearning #VR #AR


of Jim Marous 7 minutes ago

Grace Kelly on her wedding day Monaco April 1956 c @historyinmoment #history #photography #travel


8 minutes ago

Songs most frequently banned at weddings!


8 minutes ago

rt @urbanepub
Gripping detective thriller Imperfection is FREE on


9 minutes ago

The latest Daily Bites!… Thanks to @kingstonpound @UCnpi @RuralSultan #food #local


12 minutes ago

RT @PaddockSusan: @Amstat_Lara #firstgen on both sides here. Great to see today's students have a name and hashtag for it


of Susan Paddock 13 minutes ago

Saudi police arrest 14-year-old boy for dancing the Macarena - Middle East Eye #MiddleEast


13 minutes ago

I'll be in Dublin at SAS Forum Ireland 2017 28 Sep -- see you there? #SASForum #SASusers


14 minutes ago

Thank you for sharing! We love it!…


14 minutes ago

#SASusers, Call for Content is open for #SASGF18


15 minutes ago

German footballers gain advantage (and sell more shirts) with #SAPHANA:……


15 minutes ago