Stephen Robertson

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  • Fairfax, VA

Director, Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media; Professor of History, George Mason University

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World History


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  • Dec 2016

The ultimate guide to the events that shaped the world.



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  • London, ON, Canada
  • Oct 2007

Big history, STS, Mathematica, fabrication, electronics, sound. Spark from the Deep (2013), Archive of Place (2007). MIT HASTS (2004).

Research at NU


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  • Boston, MA
  • Feb 2012

The latest research news from @Northeastern University, a global, experiential research institution.

Oliver Christie


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  • New York
  • May 2009

Artificial Intelligent Consultant and Futurist. #ArtificialIntelligence #ai #bigdata #NLP

Century Past History


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  • United States
  • Oct 2013

#historybuff Ted Lienhart sharing links to free online articles & resources. My website has 2 free #publicdomain online libraries.

Stephen C. Rose


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  • Manhattan, NY
  • Feb 2008

Author -- Grass Roots Church. Editor Renewal, CHOICES (UNDP) Civil Rights vet. Trump whisperer, NYT commenter, #Abbasway, #cybercommunities, #triadicphilosophy



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  • Richmond, Virginia
  • Mar 2009

Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries supports scholarship and students on two campuses at the state's largest university. It is the academic commons.

Samuel J. Redman


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  • Amherst, MA
  • Feb 2011

US History Professor @UMasshistory + @umassph + @UMassCHS + @oralhistorylab - I (mostly) tweet about history!



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  • Redlands, CA
  • Sep 2008

Esri users create maps that run the world. #ArcGIS an open platform for #GIS #3D #Imagery #Apps #Iot #Cities #BigData #Geodesign #TheScienceofWhere

Hybrid Pedagogy


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  • The Interwebs
  • Nov 2011

A Digital Journal of Learning, Teaching, and Technology / Director @chris_friend / Project of @DigPedLab / Advocate for Critical Digital Pedagogy

Dolly Jørgensen


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  • Jun 2013

Environmental historian. Professor at Univ of Stavanger. Animal history, medieval environment, modern eco restoration, environmentalism in pop culture.

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FYI-the place has been close…


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RT @CopyrightLibn: ...and yet somehow still seem to think "his arguments" are worth debating. FFS. Just bc you are so blinkered you've miss…


of Nancy Sims 16 minutes ago

RT @IAmJabali: My pro blackness is not anti-white. It is heard that way because pro-whiteness is rooted in anti-blackness.


of IAmJabali 17 minutes ago

RT @ProgHist: Extract network data and then visualize it using Palladio with this lesson from @martenduering -…


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RT @foxyfolklorist: I'm so excited to be a part of this! And I'm not the only folklorist either; Kay Stone will be there (!!! - be still my…


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RT @pdacosta: Fed's Fischer, an ex-Citigroup banker, spoke in private to Wall Street bankers about highly market-sensitive issues https://t…


of Pedro da Costa 7 minutes ago

RT @NorthmanTrader: The generational damage that has been done is masked by the skewed wealth distribution. We see it in the politics, but…


of Sven Henrich 19 minutes ago

Campus construction crews scramble to wrap up work on campuses across the country this week and next. Good luck and stay safe out there!


8 minutes ago

Personally I don't think this "expression of concern" goes far enough. Peer review seems to have failed.…


9 minutes ago

RT @librarycongress: We need your help! Vote for our #SXSW2018 panel to promote the use of Library & government data…


of Library of Congress 9 minutes ago

New from dhnow: RT dhnow: Job: Systems Administrator/Webmaster, George Mason University Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media …


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Going #BackToSchool? Help all your Ss make the grade with their writing with #WriQ, a free add-on for Google Docs!……


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Now it’s quick & easy to gauge each Ss' writing progress & provide feedback directly in Google Docs thanks to…


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Attend #GSuiteEduTalk #WI & start the school year off with a year's FREE subscription of #EquatIO AND…


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RT @robinwasserman: There's a guy in this coffee shop who literally just said, "Did it start yet?" then walked outside, looked straight up,…


of Robin Wasserman 12 minutes ago

RT @FemMediaHist: Read Michael Eng on Adrian Piper's multimedia installation CORNERED #openaccess all week


of FemMediaHistories 16 minutes ago

RT @dhnow: Job: Systems Administrator/Webmaster, George Mason University Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media…


of DigitalHumanitiesNow 12 minutes ago

Our commonality with the real world reflects the truth of our relations.


14 minutes ago

Come celebrate our #OHA2017 Award honorees @ our Presidential reception on Thurs, Oct. 5. Registration is now open:……


15 minutes ago

RT @YiddishStories: How her mother started a "small revolution" at #Yiddish #summercamp Nay-velt (New World), w/scissors. #oralhistory http…


of Wexler Oral History 21 minutes ago

RT @JanisThiessen: This workshop is great preparation for grad students and community scholars interested in #oralhistory interviewing. htt…


of Janis Thiessen 21 minutes ago

RT @ReinischDieter: #workshop: "Introduction 2 #OralHistory: Life Cycle Approach" in #Limerick on Sep 22 by @OralHist_ie @ArleneCrampsie ht…


of Dieter Reinisch 21 minutes ago

RT @kelseyutne: Webinar tonight on #teaching recent events #everythinghasahistory #pedagogy #Charlottesville…


of Kelsey Utne 15 minutes ago

Skeleton of a crocodile from English surgeon William Cheselden's Osteographia (1733)


15 minutes ago

Once again, @whet is on the case. His articles (in the link) are a good journalistic series on #Chicago, HOLC, and……


20 minutes ago

Job opening: @WHSociety1881 is seeking a new Executive Director (applications due Sept. 29).…


22 minutes ago

This thread is gold…


25 minutes ago

While the eclipse physically not a social construct, everything about the event - from special glasses to media cov……


25 minutes ago

Managed to get all these books from @harvardbooks & @booksmithtweets for under $40!!


26 minutes ago