Stephen Robertson

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Director, Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media; Professor of History, George Mason University

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RT @JournAmHist: Just in time for the winter break! Stay tuned for our special double feature podcast dedicated to #PuertoRico…


of Journal of Am. Hist. about 17 hours ago

RT @DefendPR: "Eli (@fistuptv) is a filmmaker... these artists did something that neither #PuertoRico’s neglectful colonial overlords nor i…


of Defend Puerto Rico 7 days ago

RT @julito77: And for all of you who are now interested in the story of the death toll and #HurricaneMaria in #PuertoRico, there is a timel…


of Julio Ricardo Varela 7 days ago

I'll just change the verb tense: "happening"



7 days ago

RT @pdacosta: #PuertoRico is turning into a crimes of negligence story…


of Pedro da Costa 9 days ago